Got a ticket for Ryuichi Kawamura Concert.
It was fabulous. Can't beleave that Ryuichi sang in front of me, eventhough he looks fatter than befor. laugh
One of my favorite song today is Magic Beams,His Majesty The King of Thailand's song. He sang in Engling. (I love this song. >.<)
Love is , he sang without microphone and speaker, his voice was so amazing.
He also sang I for you, Luna sea's song, I was surpire, so was the audience.

This concert had two special guest, Lay and Pod.
I didn't know about Lay that much. She has a nice voice though and she tried too speak Thai in this concert. kinda nice. ^^
Pod was just an energetic and funny man as he always does. I like him. haha
The last song was hana, original song by Shinji Tanimura. Ryuichi and Pod sang together.
Ryuichi sang some part in Thai too, also does Pod who sang in Japanese.

Really impressive concert, glad to be there and hope he will have concert in Thailand again someday, with Luna Sea. >////<